Mrs. Veronica Bolado

email: bolado@blessedtrinitycatholicschool.org


Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Speaking other languages gives ONLY benefits, including the skill to communicate with more people, to understand the enriching aspects of other societies, and to stay competitive in a world of globalization.

In order to enhance our foreign language program, this school year (2017-2018) we will incorporate for Middle School students mid-term and final exams for Spanish.

I highly recommend for all the students to practice at home and refresh vocabulary the Duolingo app (free).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at: bolado@blessedtrinitycatholicschool.org

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Señora B.


K- 5th grade

Materials: red plastic folder and pencil box.

Grading Policy:

  • 30% folder completed and neat.
  • 30% class participation and homework.
  •  40% tests and quizzes.

Text Books: provided by the school.

1st and 2nd grade :”The Complete Book Of Spanish” published by Carlson -Dellosa.

3rd grade: “Discovering Languages: Spanish” published by An Amsco.

4th grade: “Spanish is Fun” published by An Amsco. Book A.

5th grade: “Spanish is Fun” published bt An Amsco. Book A. Second part.


Middle School

Materials: white binder with 3 dividers, school iPad, textbook and pencil box.

Grading Policy:

  • 30% binder completed and neat.
  • 20% class participation and homework.
  •  50% tests, quizzes and projects.

Text Book: provided by the school.

Middle School: “Avancemos” 1a published by Mc Dougal Littell.