blessed trinity catholic school

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emily Buchwald

Week of May 15 to 19, 2017

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe we are in the last full week of Pre-K!  This year has flown by!  As you will see from the reports I send home on Tuesday, your children have learned a lot and have grown in so many different ways.  Putting together their Memory Books for them this week, I marvel not only at how much they have grown physically, but also in so many other ways.  When I think about where they were emotionally and socially when they entered my class to where they are now, the progress they have made is mind-blowing!  I am very proud of each and every one of them.

This week we will be completing assessments of Report Card skills.  Report cards will go home on Monday, May 22nd.  Please make every effort for your child to be in school unless he or she is sick.


If your child still has a library book out, please make sure it is returned this week.  If you are unable to find the book they last checked out, please pay the amount Mrs. Atkinson indicated on the form sent home Tuesday.


If your child makes a donation to the Legacy Project (our school gymnasium fund) of $2.00 or more, he or she will have a red, white, and blue day on Friday.  I did not specify on the school calendar that they should wear red, white and blue.  Tennis shoes and socks should be worn, no sandals.


Monday, May 22nd is our End of the Year Picnic for Pre-K.  The children may wear play clothes and tennis shoes that day.  Pray the weather cooperates!  The children will experience fun stations on the playground as well as free play on the play equipment.  We will end with a picnic lunch.  The afternoon class will arrive early at 9:30am and will leave at 12:30pm.  There will still be Lunch Bunch and Extended Day care for those who need it.  I will send a letter home this week as a reminder.


Thank you to all parents who volunteered their time and resources for our Spirit Day on Friday.  The children had a great time and we all appreciate the effort you made to make sure the children would have Spirit Day.  You’re the best!


Thank you for all your support and cooperation this year.  Mrs. Susan and I are grateful to have such caring and supportive families for our class.


God bless you and have a wonderful week.


Sincerely in Christ,


Mrs. Santa



For the First Month

Is Your Child Academically Prepared for Kindergarten? 10 Ways to Find Out!
Friday, August 12, 2016 4:11:11 PM America/Los Angeles

Below is a list of 10 ways parents can determine if their child is kindergarten ready, along with tips on how to help your child transition smoothly into kindergarten.
      • Listens to and understands stories.

      • Start by reading full storybooks without any interruptions.

      • As you read together, engageyour child with questions about the plot and characters.

      • Can retell stories and tell original stories.

      • Have your child reread familiar books and try to retell them.

      • Read nursery rhymes to your child, then have your child reread them to you.

      • Can find matching objects.

      • Have your child practice matching socks from the laundry.

      • Practice matching earrings or shoe pairs.

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      • Can sort objects by their attributes: color, shape, and size.

      • Color: Ask them to place all of the same colored objects in one container.

      • Shape: Ask them to point out all the circular things around the house.

      • Size: Ask them to put bigger towels in one container and smaller ones in the other.

      • Can count to 20.

      • Encourage your child to count objects out loud (e.g. the number of stairs or the number of black cars they see).

      • Ask them to point out numbers in an elevator, on a TV remote, or on coins.

      • Can name colors.

      • Ask your child to mix watercolors to see which new colors are produced.

      • Ask your child to name the colors around in the room, on their clothes, and in acrayon box.

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    • Can identify some letters.

    • Begin with distinguishing letters in your child’s name by writing and sounding them out.

    • Point to letters while reading a book to your child.

    • Begins to understand that letters stand for sounds heard in words.

    • Write your child’s name on a whiteboard to show how words are formed.

    • Sound out letters with your child and associate it with an animal name or familiar object.

    • Begins to “write” by scribbling, drawing, or imitating letters, numbers, or shapes.

    • Give your child a piece of paper and a pen so they can start scribbling and drawing.

    • Hold your child’s hand while holding a pen or paintbrush and make them shadow you while writing their name on a paper.

      • Understands how some words are opposites: up/down, big/small, tall/short, etc.

      • Point out examples of opposite things to your child (e.g. a big piece of chocolate vs. a small piece).

      • Play the opposite-guessing game to reinforce the understanding: “The opposite of day is… night!”

    • Ensuring that your child has a smooth transition into kindergarten involves many aspects outside of academics. By helping your child become familiar with the topics they will encounter in school, you can help them build confidence and enjoy learning in a school setting.

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