blessed trinity catholic school



I am looking forward to being back at school this year and am excited to help the students to be active and healthy!  Our theme for this year will be the “CATHOLIC ATHLETE”.  We will be discussing and hopefully displaying the characteristics that make up a CATHOLIC ATHLETE!  Our year will begin with an age-appropriate SOFTBALL lesson for the entire school.  Please keep in mind that it is HOT outside the next few months so PLEASE have your child bring a WATER BOTTLE labeled with their name!

Other PE Information: 

1.  PE uniforms:  ONLY black shorts and grey (dry-fit) shirts!

2. There is NO JEWELRY allowed in PE class!

3.  Not dressing for PE will result in a 5 point reduction from the overall grade.  (per offense)



Health will be taught the first Thursday of every month with an assessment given on the second Thursday.  The curriculum this year will be Eating to Grow.  Students will not dress out for Health, however, should ALWAYS have their PE uniform just in case!  The overall PE grade will be weighted as such:

PE:  80%

Health: 20%


Should you have any questions, please contact me at!

Looking forward to a great year!

Coach McGuire