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Posted March 2, 2021


  • Last call to order yearbooks before the price increases.
  • Get your yearbook now for $35 before January 31st.
  • It is Read-a-thon time! If your student has not registered for the Read-a-thon, register today!
  • We are so proud of our readers and thankful for the donations!!!
  • Go to in the school ID Code: 3860621


Mrs. Miller

Media Specialist

Posted 1/26/21



Media Research

Hello! This is a friendly reminder that yearbooks and ads are available for purchase online.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Posted 10/19/20


Distance Learners,

This is the link for the AR tests.

Posted 9/17/20


Tuesday, September 8th

Guess what? You can now order online through Lifetouch. So stay tuned!

  • All the information you need will be on the form that is sent home.
  • So be on the lookout and check those backpacks.

Posted 8/21/20


Welcome to the Library Media Center!

My name is Mrs. Miller. I have been a Media Specialist for 6 years. I am married with three children and have two dogs. I am excited to be at Blessed Trinity. Most of all, I am excited about getting to know all of you. We are going to have a great year reading, researching, typing, and using our technology skills.

Key Points to remember when in the Library Media Center (L.M.C.):

  • Always stay socially distanced no matter where you are in the L.M.C.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the room.
  • Always wear your mask.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Stay in your assigned seat. To get a book or move around the room, you will be called when it is your turn.

Book cleaning:

  • It is important for each student to keep their checked-out books clean.
  • Before reading the book, make sure your hands have been washed or have used hand sanitizer.
  • Do not share your book with anyone else. When you are finished with your book, make sure you put it back in your backpack.
  • When the books are returned to me, I will wipe the covers down and then they will sit for a week before being placed back on the library shelves.
  • I will be doing everything possible to keep the Library Media Center clean. The effort of the student’s book care is very important.  Keeping their books clean, ultimately, helps us all.

What I expect from you:

Be Respectful. Be willing to give your best every day. Ask Questions. Be Persistent with your effort.

Definition of effort

1: conscious exertion of powerhard work

//a job requiring time and effort

“Effort.” Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster,

No matter what your current ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment – Carol Dweck


Mrs. Miller

Media Specialist

Blessed Trinity Catholic School

Posted: 8/18/20