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Welcome to Week 37 (14-18 May)

Middle school final exams begin this week with the Science final on Tuesday.  After a week of much fun and some distractions from our studies, it is important that students focus on their studies and finishing the year well.  *My Math students are reminded to complete their Mathletics requirements for the year.

This week’s highlights include

  • Tuesday – Science Final
  • Wednesday – Mass
    – Language Arts Final
  • Friday – Spanish Final

Mr. Papet’s Social Studies Classes (Social Studies Finals are Monday, 21 May)

6th Grade: We complete our final unit of the year — Ancient China.  We’ll have our last unit test of the year on Thursday.
7th Grade: Continue our final Unit — Judicial Branch.   Our final Unit test will be Thursday.
8th Grade: Students should be preparing for their final per my directions in class.

Mr. Papet’s Math Classes (Math Finals are Wednesday, 23 May)

6th Grade: Continue Chapter 7 – Final Chapter Test Tuesday, followed by review each day for the Final Exam.
7th Grade: Preparation/review each day for the Final Exam.
8th Grade: Preparation/review each day for the Final Exam.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.  *And, please note that my email address is Papet@blessedtrinitycatholicschool.org

Blessings – Mr. Papet

Be amazed at the heights to which you are called.” ~ Saint John Paul II