Math and Science

blessed trinity catholic school

Week of September 18, 2017

7th Grade Fall Festival Basket: Florida State Seminoles

6th Grade Science:

Unit 2: Oceanography


Big Idea the oceans are connected system of water in motion that transports matter and energy around Earth’s surface.
Essential Questions

  • What lies within and beneath Earth’s oceans?
  • How does an ocean wave form and move?
  • How does water move in the ocean?

Unit 2.1 Quiz Thursday 09.21.17

7th Science:

Unit 1: Life over Time

Big Idea The types and characteristics of organisms change over time.
Essential Questions

How are organisms classified?

09/21/2017: Unit 1.5  Quiz

09/25/2017: Unit 1 Exam

8th Science:

Unit 1: Motion and Forces

Big Idea Unbalanced forces cause changes in the motion of objects, and these changes can be predicted and described.

 09/19/2017: Unit 1.5 Quiz

09/21/2017: Unit 1 Exam

6th Math:

Chapter 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

  • This chapter focuses on content from the Ratios and Proportional Relationships (RP) domain and addresses the following grade 6 standards: 6.RP.3, 6.RP.3c.

Lesson 1 Decimals and Fractions
Inquiry Lab Model Percents
Lesson 2 Percents and Fractions
Lesson 3 Percents and Decimals
Lesson 4 Percents Greater Than 100% and Percents Less Than 1%
Problem-Solving Investigation: Solve a Simpler Problem
Mid-Chapter Check
Lesson 5 Compare and Order Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Lesson 6 Estimate with Percents
Inquiry Lab Percent of a Number
Lesson 7 Percent of a Number
Lesson 8 Solve Percent Problems
21st Century Careers: Special Effects Animator


 Week of 09/20/2017: Mid-Chapter Quiz

7th Math:

Chapter 1: Real Numbers

Each chapter has an Essential Question that keeps students focused on the big idea of the chapter. For Chapter 1, the Essential Question is “Why is it helpful to write numbers in different ways?”


Lesson 9 Estimate Roots
Lesson 10 Compare Real Numbers
21st Century Careers: Robotics Engineer
Chapter Review
Chapter Test


 09/21/2017: Chapter 1 Exam


8th Math:

Chapter 2: Linear Equations


Why is it helpful to represent the same mathematical idea in different ways?

Lesson 2-1 Writing Equations
Explore 2-2 Algebra Lab: Solving Equations
Lesson 2-2 Solving One-Step Equations
Explore 2-3 Algebra Lab: Solving Multi-Step Equations
Lesson 2-3 Solving Multi-Step Equations
Lesson 2-4 Solving Equations with the Variable on Each Side
Lesson 2-5 Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value
Lesson 2-6 Ratios and Proportions
Extend 2-6 Spreadsheet Lab: Descriptive Modeling
Lesson 2-7 Percent of Change
Extend 2-7 Algebra Lab: Percentiles
Lesson 2-8 Literal Equations and Dimensional Analysis
Lesson 2-9 Weighted Averages


09/19/2017: Chapter 2.1-2.3 Quiz