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Welcome to Middle School Math & Science

Science Fair Projects (Board and Report) Due Friday, January 12th

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What We’ll Learn in January!

6th Grade Math: Chapter 6 Expressions


Students compared and ordered integers and graphed integers on the coordinate plane.


Students write and simplify expressions using properties.


Students will solve one-step equations and inequalities.

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 5 Ratio, Proportion, and Similar Figures

Before Chapter 5
Related Topics before Pre-Algebra

  • use division to find unit rates and ratios in proportional relationships

Previous Topics from Pre-Algebra

  • select and use appropriate forms of rational numbers to solve real-life problems
  • use appropriate operations to solve problems involving rational numbers in problem situations

Chapter 5
Related Topics from Pre-Algebra

  • compare and contrast proportional and nonproportional linear relationships
  • use proportional relationships in similar two-dimensional figures to find missing measurements

After Chapter 5
Preparation for Algebra 1

  • relate direct variation to linear functions and solve problems involving proportional change
  • use ratios to solve problems involving similar figures


Recommended Outside Reading for Students

Percents and Ratios by Lucille Caron and Philip M. St. Jacques, Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc., 2000.


Algebra I

Chapter 6: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

  • Analyze situations and formulate systems of linear equations in two unknowns to solve problems
  • Solve systems of linear equations and linear inequalities using graphs and algebraic methods
  • Interpret and determine the reasonableness of solutions to systems of linear equations and linear inequaliteis

Earth Science:

Earth’s water & Atmosphere Unit 4: Weather and Climate

  • Elements of water
  • Clouds and Cloud formation
  • What influences weather?
  • Severe weather and weather safety
  • Weather maps and weather prediction
  • Climate
  • Climate Change

Life Science:

Cells and Heredity Unit 1: Cells

  • The characteristics of cells
  • Chemistry of life
  • Cell structure and function
  • Levels of cellular organization
  • Homeostasis and cell processes
  • Photosynthesis and cellular respiration


Physical Science

Matter an Energy Unit 2: Energy

  • Introduction to energy
  • Temperature
  • Thermal Energy & Heat
  • Effects of Energy Transfer

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