Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! I am beyond excited to begin another exciting school year of learning and growing both academically and spiritually. 



My teaching philosophy incorporates an array of teaching methodologies that integrates a multi-sensory approach to mathematics and a deeper understanding of concepts by continually aligning the standards to real world scenarios. 




Respect and Responsibility: 

  • Treat all classmates, teachers, and staff with kindness and respect. 
  • Take responsibility for your actions, words, and belongings. 
  • Listen actively when others are speaking and raise your hand to contribute. 

Punctuality and Preparedness: 

  • Arrive to class on time with all necessary materials. 
  • Complete and submit assignments by the given deadlines. 
  • Be ready to engage in learning from the moment the class begins. 

Active Participation: 

  • Engage actively in class discussions, activities, and group work. 
  • Ask questions, seek clarification, and share your thoughts and ideas. 
  • Participate in a positive and meaningful way, contributing to the learning environment. 

Academic Integrity: 

  • Always do your own work and give credit to others’ ideas when using them. 
  • Avoid cheating, plagiarism, and any form of dishonesty in your academic pursuits. 

Organization and Neatness: 

  • Keep your workspace clean, organized, and free of distractions. 
  • Maintain an orderly and organized arrangement for your materials and belongings. 

Effort and Growth: 

  • Strive to do your best and put in consistent effort in your studies. 
  • Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. 
  • Learn from mistakes and setbacks, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 





Point System Grading: 

  • Scoring Basis: A point system assigns a specific number of points to each assignment, test, or project based on its difficulty and significance. 
  • Total Points: Throughout the grading period, you accumulate points from all completed assignments and assessments. 
  • Calculation: Your grade is determined by the total points you earned divided by the maximum points possible. 
  • Fairness: Each assignment’s point value reflects its importance, ensuring that major assessments have a greater impact on your grade. 
  • Focus on Mastery: Point systems emphasize mastery of content rather than the specific number of assignments completed. 


  • About: Schoology is an online platform designed to facilitate digital learning, communication, and collaboration between educators, students, and parents. 
  • Course Management: All course content including assignments and assessments will be managed via Schoology. 
  • Calendar and Notifications: The platform offers a calendar feature to keep track of assignments, due dates, and events, coupled with notification alerts. 
  • Parent Access: Parents can create accounts to monitor their child’s academic progress, view assignments, grades, and communication from teachers. 




  • RenWeb:  RenWeb is the official gradebook used by BTCS. Checking grades online provides you with real-time insights into your child’s academic progress. It’s an effective way to stay informed about their achievements and areas that may need extra attention. By regularly reviewing their grades, you can offer timely support and celebrate their accomplishments, contributing to their overall success in school. 
  • Missing Assignments: Math assignments are critical practice to ensure understanding of material. A student will receive a referral for every 3 missed assignments. 
  • Late Assignments: For the first grading period, late assignments will be accepted for half credit if received the following school day. Late assignments will not be accepted after the first grading period.  
  • Absences: Students have the same number of days that he/she was absent to make-up work. Absent work should be submitted via email instead of Schoology. 



Opportunity Sessions Opportunity Sessions for math will be held every Tuesday from 2:50 pm – 3:30 pm in room 210. Students not picked up by 3:30 pm will be signed into extended care. 

Those who trust in the Lord …will soar on wings like eagles.”  Isaiah 40:31 

Mrs. Hoyos