Elementary and Middle School Blessed Trinity Catholic School

Welcome Back!

Social Studies and Literature

Mrs. Satkoff

email: satkoff@blessedtrinitycatholicschool.org

Opportunity Session:  Wednesdays

 Welcome to the 2023-2024 School year!

“Those who trust in the Lord…will soar on wings like eagles.”  Isaiah 40:31

“Once and Eagle, always an Eagle”  Celebrating 25 years

Curriculum Social Studies

6th Grade:  Ancient World History

7th Grade:  Civics with Economics

8th Grade:  American History

Grading for Social Studies and Literature

Grading is done on a point system.

Tests and Projects will be 100 points.

Quizzes can be 10-50 points depending on the type.

Classwork is 5-25 points.

Homework is 5 points.

Some assignments will be started in class and finished at home.  These assignments will count as classwork.



All assignments, tests, and quizzes in Social Studies will have information on Schoology.  Students should check their calendar for upcoming due items and assessments.