“Serve the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful song.”

                                   Psalm 100:2


Dear Families,

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten at Blessed Trinity Catholic School!  We are looking forward to working with you and your child.  It will be an exciting school year, packed with fun-filled learning experiences and activities!

Throughout the school year, our class will focus upon learning to identify the letters of the alphabet and learning to produce the unique sound(s) of each individual letter.  Our literacy program will help the children develop phonological awareness (awareness of sounds in spoken words).  The program will also help expand vocabulary, and assist students in developing comprehension skills in reading.

During the school year, the Pre-K class will explore numbers from one to fifteen and learn to recognize a variety of colors and shapes.  Students will also learn about God’s everlasting love through Bible stories, songs, and various projects.

There will be a new classroom theme each month.  Together, we will explore many interesting topics.  During the first few weeks of school, we will be busy establishing our classroom routines.  The children will be learning about our rules and procedures in the classroom and around the school.  We will begin our alphabet study, starting with the letter Aa.  As September approaches, our first theme will be “All About Me/My Five Senses.”  Additionally in September, the color red, circles, and  letters Bb, Cc, and Dd, and the number zero will all be introduced.

In order to create a warm, caring and safe environment in the classroom, we will be asking the Pre-K students to follow five simple rules.  This will allow the children to know what is expected of them on a daily basis.  The five rules are as follows:

          1.  Use kind words – “Love other people and be kind.”
               Luke 6:27
          2.  Use your listening ears (follow directions) – “God gave us ears to hear… “
               Proverbs 20: 12
          3.  Use your walking feet (no running inside the classroom or school building).
          4.  Use helping hands – “Help one another.”  Galations 5:13
          5.  Do not hurt others – “Do to others as you want them to do to you.”  Luke 6:31

At the start of the school year, each student will be given a clear plastic folder.  Your child will be bringing it home every day.  You may see notes and updates from the teachers and from the school, as well as your child’s completed classwork assignments and art projects.  Since teacher and parent communication is very important, we ask that you please examine and empty the folder’s contents daily, and have your child return the folder to school on the following day.  Please feel free to drop a note in the folder, if you have any questions or concerns.

The Pre-K class has many resources (“specials”) each week.  P.E. class is scheduled for every Monday.  Please make sure your child wears his/her school uniform or PE uniform and tennis shoes.  No school shoes are required on this day.  Tennis shoes must be worn in order for your child to participate in P.E.  Girls are encouraged to wear shorts under their jumpers.  Music class is every Tuesday.  Library Day/Media is scheduled for every Wednesday.  Please remember to place your child’s library book in their folder or backpack, so they may be able to check out a new book.  The children go to the playground Tuesday through Friday.

As a reminder, we ask families to label all of your child’s outerwear (sweaters, jackets, vests, hats, scarves, etc.) and belongings (backpacks, water bottles, etc.)  Those children who plan to be here for lunch ( in Early Birds or Lunch Bunch), we also ask that their first and last names are written on their lunchboxes.

Each day students should bring in a full water bottle.  Please make sure it is one that your child can easily open and close, and that is no larger than 2 1/2″ in diameter.  Additionally, we ask that your child always has an extra change of clothing inside his/her backpack, since spills and accidents often occur in preschool.

If you have any questions or concerns, or need further information, you may place a note in your child’s folder or contact us via email.

Welcome again to Blessed Trinity Catholic School and to the Pre-K program!

                                          May God Bless Our School Year Together!
                                            Mrs. Meg Clark & Mrs. Susan DeFreitas

Mrs. Susan and I send a very heart felt “Thank YOU!” for all the cards and chocolate we received for Valentine’s Day. We are very blessed to share part of our day with the Pre-Kindergarten children.  This week they learned all about the letter Vv and how Valentine’s let us share with our family and friends how much they mean to us all.

Thank you also for those who have shared some spare change to fill our “Baby Bottle for Babies”. We have next week to continue the collection to help mothers and babies in need. We have also been presented with a challenge to collect as many Box Tops for Education we can. Please cut them out of the many products which support this program.

As a reminder there is no school on Monday, February 18th as we celebrate President’s Day. Enjoy the long weekend and we look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday.

Ms. Stahmer

Mrs. Haynes


Serve the Lord with gladness: come before Him with joyful song.”

                                                                          Psalm 100:2

Updated: September 24, 2022

This Wednesday, September 28, is the last day to turn in items for the 5th grade “Movie Night” basket for the Fall Fest. Thank you so much for the generosity you have shown already in the donations that have already come in with your children. Our basket is beginning to flow over with many tempting items. If you are trying to decide what to send, consider some movies or gift cards to local theaters.  Please do not send in any more microwave popcorn. We have plenty.

First quarter parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, October 13th and Friday, October 14th. Students will be dismissed at 12:15 PM to accommodate these conferences.  Notices went home with students this past Thursday. This allows three weeks for you to plan and make arrangements with your schedule. If you absolutely cannot make this time, contact me to schedule another time. Please do not just show up because, I may not be available. I will try try to schedule you during the following week, October 17th – 21st or earlier in the day during my planning periods on the 13th and 14th.  These conferences are mandatory because you will receive your child’s first quarter report card.

Help Session is every Thursday immediately after school until 3:30 PM. Students not picked up by 3:35 PM will be sent to extended day at the parent’s expense. The purpose of Help Session is to assist students who are struggling in the classroom and earning a grade of D or F. It will also help those who have been absent and need to make up tests or a Science activity. It is not intended for someone who wants to make straight A’s or A/B Honor Roll.

Please remember that cell phones and Smart watches are NOT permitted in the classrooms. They are to be dropped off in the office immediately upon entering the building and retrieved at dismissal. This is a Blessed Trinity policy.  Any violation will result in a Behavior Notice to the Assistant Principal.

Important Dates to Remember:

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2022  —- Items due for Fall Fest basket……5th grade theme is “MOVIE NIGHT”

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 —– Eagle T-shirt with blue jeans and sneakers

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 —- Early Dismissal @ 12:15 PM

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2022 —- Blessing of the Pets

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2022 —- Eagle T-shirt with blue jeans and sneakers

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2022 —– End of First Quarter

MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2022 —- SCHOOL CLOSED…….. Columbus Day

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2022 —– No School ……. Professional Day

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2022 —- Early Dismissal @ 12:15 PM First Quarter Parent conferences

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2022 — Early Dismissal @ 12:15 PM First Quarter Parent conferences

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2022—– First Quarter Awards after Mass

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2022 —- 5th grade presents Saint Theresa of Calcutta @ Mass



Monday, September 26, 2022

Social Studies —- Unit 2, Lessons 1-2 TEST

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Reading —— Hatchet , Pt 1 TEST

Religion —– Chapter 3 TEST

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Vocabulary Workshop —– Unit 4 TEST

Thursday, September 29, 2022

English —– Prepositions & Prepositional Phrases TEST

Friday, September 30, 2022

Reading –— Hatchet Pt 2 TEST (this might change)

English —– Final Draft of Opinion essay due

Accelerated Reader: Students will be required to read and take 3 Accelerated Reader (AR) Tests and corresponding Vocabulary Quizzes (if available…not every book has one) within his/her assigned reading level range, striving for 80% accuracy, each Quarter. Your child’s range is written in the back of his/her Planner. Reading levels will be adjusted throughout the year.  Three AR Tests with a minimum score of 80% are due at the end of each quarter.  Please encourage your child NOT to wait until the last-minute! Be sure to check out ` for book recommendations and AR levels.

Homework Policy:

— Neatly done and complete.

— If collected, the student’s name must be on the top right corner to receive full credit.

— If there is no name, there is no credit. Students are reminded to write their name before they turn anything in and it is the first direction given for tests.

— All Math homework is to be done in pencil, never in pen. All work must be shown to receive full credit. NO WORK, NO CREDIT.

— A student will complete a Homework Notice/ Sour Note, for any assignment that receives a zero. This notice explains why the assignment received a zero and must be signed by a parent and returned the next day.  If the assignment is attached with the situation corrected, the student will receive 50% credit on that assignment instead of a zero.

Class Rules:

— Have all needed books, notebooks, spirals, and supplies at your desk for the portion of day because you will not be allowed to return to the cubby to get something.

— Respect all adults, faculty, staff, volunteers, and students. Speak kindly and treat each other as you want to be treated.

— Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.

— Pencils are to be sharpened at the beginning of the day OR during classwork time.

— Transition quietly from one subject to the next.

—- Remain in your sit. If you need to use the bathroom or get up for another reason, raise your hand to ask for permission.

Class Rules Violations:

— Verbal Warning

— Name in book

— Lose recess minutes

— Inform the assistant principal: a consequence may result

Resource Schedule:

Monday————- Art

Tuesday ———— PE……..Students come to school dressed in their PE uniform 

               ———— Spanish

Wednesday ——— Music

Thursday ———– PE ……….Students come to school dressed in their PE uniform 

Friday————— Media/Research …….This is taught as one class period block of time.


“Serve the Lord with gladness, come before him with joyful song.”    Psalm 11:2

September 23, 2022

Dear Families,

First Quarter Family-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the afternoons of Thursday and Friday, Oct. 13 and 14.  Students will be dismissed at 12:15  both days.  Your assigned time will be found in Monday’s Yellow Folder.  Please contact me via e-mail if you need to reschedule our conference time.

Students will recite the Act of Faith for a Religion Test grade by Wednesday, Oct. 5. We pray it each morning and may be found in the back of your child’s Planner.

It is time for BTCS’s Fall Fundraiser! Each class will create a Gift Basket to raffle after all Masses and at the Fall Fest. It is a wonderful fundraiser for our school, and the proceeds will go directly towards our students.  Grade 4 will create a Jaguar Basket.  I am requesting that each family donate one basket item. Use your creativity…anything Jaguar will do!  Any contribution is very much appreciated. As always, thank you for your continued support. Please send in basket items by Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Grade 4 Help Session will be held on Wednesdays.  Students struggling with Reading and/or Math concepts are invited to participate. Please email me or write a note in the Planner if you would like your child to attend. Students will be signed into Extended Day if not picked up at 3:30.

EAGLE T-SHIRT DAYS: Sept. 29 and Oct. 6.  Students must wear the dark green Eagle T with jeans, socks, and sneakers.  If it is a Monday or Thursday PE Day, they may wear it with PE shorts.


Reading: Monday- Tuesday, Sept. 26-27, Unit 1 Assessment

Social Studies: Tuesday, Sept. 27, FL’s Weather & Climate (p. 24-27)

Math: Thursday, Sept. 29, Chapter 3 Quiz

Reading: Friday, Sept. 30, The Discovery Fair

Spelling: Friday, Sept. 30

First Quarter AR Biography Book Report Presentations are scheduled Sept. 26-29. Please see your child’s assignment for his/her presentation date.


Students are required to read and take a minimum of 3 Accelerated Reader (AR) Tests and corresponding Vocabulary Quizzes (if available…not every book as one) within his/her assigned reading level range, striving for 80% accuracy, by Monday ,October 3. Your student’s new Reading Level Range will be written in the back of the Planner upon completion of the STAR Assessment and is adjusted throughout the school year. Please encourage your student NOT to wait until the last minute to complete this AR requirement. Be sure to check out for book recommendations and AR levels.

Fourth Graders can check out 2 books from the Media Center every Friday. Students are required to have one AR Book at his/her desk EVERY DAY, or they are not prepared for our day.

Please encourage children to read, read, read….every day! The AR Grade each Quarter is the average of the top 3 test scores.


Monday- Thursday, Sept. 26-29: First Quarter AR Book Presentations

Wednesday, Sept. 28: Jaguar Raffle Basket item due

Monday- Friday, Oct. 3-7: Book Fair during Media

Monday, Oct. 3: Non-Uniform Day for Basket Donation

Tuesday, Oct. 4: Blessing of the Pets 8:05 (Parking Lot next to the Rectory)

Wednesday, Oct. 5: Grandparents’ Day

Friday, Oct. 7: End of First Quarter

Wednesday, Oct. 19: First Quarter Awards’ Mass

Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 10-11: No School

Thursday & Friday, Oct. 13-14: Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 19: First Quarter Awards’ Mass

2022-2023 Schedule

The following websites are available for additional practice:

Religion:  *click on We Believe Grade 4

Math:  *scroll to “Student & Family Resources”; *click “Let’s Go!” in the purple box; *click Sadlier Math Grades K-6; *click Sadlier Math Grade 4 (orange text)

Vocabulary Workshop:  **scroll to “Student & Family Resources”; *click “Let’s Go” in the purple box; *click Vocabulary Workshop Grades 1-12; *click Vocabulary Workshop “orange”


Gentle Reminder… Per BT Policy, unless medically necessary, all cell phones,  Smart Watches, and other electronic devices MUST be dropped off to the Office every morning upon arriving to school and picked up at dismissal.  They may not be brought into the classroom or kept in backpacks. Thank you for your cooperation.

Third Grade

Mrs. Renee Bascon


“Serve the Lord with gladness, come before Him with joyful song.” Psalm 11:2

Updated: Sept. 25, 2022

Dear 3rd grade families,

A big thank you to Annie’s mom for donating a new electric sharpener to our class since our old one broke this week!

First Quarter Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the afternoons of Thursday and Friday, Oct. 13 and 14.  Students will be dismissed at 12:15 both days. Check your student’s green folder for your assigned time.  Please email me if you need to reschedule our conference time.

Next week we are finishing our first Unit in Language Arts. Lesson 6 is a short review lesson so we will have the Reading Comprehension and Vocab test on Wednesday instead of Friday and the Spelling test will be on Thursday.

Test corrections for the Math Ch. 2 test (coming home today in the Friday Folder) are due back this Monday if your student would like extra credit.

Remember to donate an item for our Coffee Fundraiser Basket by this coming Wed., Sept. 28. Thank you for all the donations so far!


Assessments and Projects this coming week-

Mon, Sept. 26:

  • Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2 Test

Tues., Sept. 27:

  • 5 Regions of the U.S. Postcard Project due (11 points taken off every day late!)

Wed., Sept. 28:

  • Un. 1 Less. 6 Reading and Vocab Test (no English Test on this lesson)
  • 5 Regions of the US Locations Quiz

Thurs., Sept. 29:

  • Un. 1 Less. 6 Spelling Test
  • 5 Regions of the US Test

Fri., Sept. 30:



Upcoming School Activities:

Tuesday, Sept. 20: Individual Picture Day

Wednesday, Sept. 28: Coffee Basket item due

Friday, Sept. 30: Early Release Day 12:15 dismissal

Monday- Friday, Oct. 3-7: Book Fair during Media

Monday, Oct. 3: Non-Uniform Day for Basket Donation

Tues., Oct. 4: Blessing of the Pets 8:05 (Parking Lot next to the Rectory)

Wed., Oct. 5: Grandparents’ Day

Friday, Oct. 7: End of First Quarter

Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 10-11: No School

Thursday & Friday, Oct. 13-14: Early Release Days- Parent/ Teacher Conferences


EAGLE T-SHIRT DAYS: Sept. 29 and Oct. 6.  Students may wear the dark green Eagle T with jeans, socks, and sneakers.  If it is a Monday or Thursday PE Day, they must wear it with PE shorts.


AR (Accelerated Reading)-

Students are required to read and take a minimum of 3 accelerated reader tests per quarter within his/ her reading level, striving for 80% accuracy. Your student’s reading level is listed at the back of their planner. Please encourage your child to read 25 minutes daily!


PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays. Please send your child to school on those days in their PE Uniform with sneakers. No jewelry except small post- style earrings on PE days!

Opportunity (Help) Sessions for 3rd graders are held on Tuesdays afternoons from 2:50-3:30 for students needing extra help with Math or Reading. Please email me or send a note in the planner if you’d like your child to attend.

Students must bring a water bottle (no larger than 2 ½ inch diameter) to school to be refilled daily.

We will be continuing to keep the classroom sanitized and clean our hands frequently throughout the day to help keep the germs away. Please keep your child home if he/ she is sick with a fever!

Each student will be allowed to utilize an iPad in class as a learning tool in the classroom throughout the year. Students will be expected to comply with the school wide rules and expectations for technology use.





Ms. Behrend


Homework 9/26

Daily Math: Monday-Thursday

Spelling Choice Board

In addition to checking this website, please sign up for our Class Dojo so you don’t miss any reminders

Spelling Homework Directions 

How to Use the Spelling Choice Board

  1. Pick one of the options to practice your words.
  2. Complete the directions for that option
  3. Put an X on the box that you choose
  4. Repeat on another day for the second practice option
  5. On Thursday night, combine the choice board with your two practice pages (stapled or paper clipped would be preferred)
  6. Student turns in on Friday


Reconciliation Retreat: November 5th at 9am

Reconciliation: December 3rd 11am

First Communion Retreat: March 4th at 9am

First Communion Practice: May 4th at 6pm

First Holy Communion: May 6th at 11am

Class Schedule

Monday: P.E (wear P.E uniform)

Tuesday: Music and Media/Research

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: P.E (wear P.E uniforms)

Friday: Spanish

Please make sure you send your child to school each morning with:

-a full belly (breakfast every day!)

-a full sized water bottle filled with water

-a balanced lunch

-their take home folder

Ms. Molly Carlson


“Serve the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful song.” Psalm 100:2


Hello First Grade Families!

Welcome to a new year at Blessed Trinity. In first grade, we will grow our love of learning, focus on our reading skills, and share our Catholic faith. In this classroom, your children are valued, respected, challenged, and loved. See below for my class expectations, discipline, schedule, and helpful reminders. I look forward to working with you for a successful, dynamic year of learning and teaching!

~May God Bless Our School Year~


Ms. Carlson


Gentle Reminder…attendance and being on time is extremely important. Please make sure that your child comes to school ready to learn, in clean, proper uniform attire, and has had a good breakfast to start their day strong!

**Please check binders nightly for homework and any school/classroom information.**

Please encourage your children to read, read, read….EVERY DAY! First grade is a reading year, fine tuning the phonics and comprehension skills necessary for children to become fluent readers. First graders should be reading a minimum of 15 minutes at home daily; this can be alongside an adult, taking turns with pages, listening to a fluent reader, or reading on their own with a parent checking in on their reading.

Accelerated Reader (AR):

Students will use the Accelerated Reader program at school to take comprehension quizzes on the books that they read to help track their understanding and reading progress during the year. First graders are expected to take one, passing AR quiz per week. A passing score is 80% or better, on books that are in the students suggested reading range. Students will complete a STAR assessment during the first week of school, and will receive their first reading range. Families can use these levels to find books for home reading practice; please use the website below to search for books.

First graders can check out 1-2 books from the library each week. Books are due back to the library every Thursday. Students can also borrow books from the classroom library whenever they need.


Our resource schedule:

Monday: P.E (wear sneakers)

Tuesday: P.E (wear sneakers), Music

Wednesday: Art, Playground

Thursday: Library/Media, Playground

Friday: Spanish, Playground


*We attend Mass every Wednesday at 8:30am. 

**We have playground/recess time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


In order to create a loving, safe, academic environment, students are expected to follow our classroom and school rules. Please ensure your child understands what is expected of them, and arrives prepared for learning. Daily uniform checks are included as part of school expectations.

Classroom Expectations:

  • We follow directions and transitions quickly.
  • We use our hand signals and communicate clearly.
  • We stay on task and always try to do our best.
  • We use active listening when a speaker is talking.
  • We keep our hands, feet, and belongings to ourselves.
  • We show respect to our classroom, teacher, students, and selves.
  • We make smart, thoughtful choices.

Classroom Behavior Management:

  1. Redirect (warning)
  2. Sideline (think time)
  3. Skills coaching (Student meets with teacher)
  4. Note home (signed by parent)



Ms. Shea


Hello and welcome to Kindergarten 2022-2023!

My name is Ms. Shea and I am so happy to be here at Blessed Trinity this year. Kindergarten is a very important year of learning for a student. They have a full day of school, lunch and attend mass every Wednesday. A new change this year is that the students are able to wear their “P.E. uniform” all day on P.E. days.

We have P.E. on Mondays and Tuesdays @ 8:15 in the morning.