Mrs. Susan and I send a very heart felt “Thank YOU!” for all the cards and chocolate we received for Valentine’s Day. We are very blessed to share part of our day with the Pre-Kindergarten children.  This week they learned all about the letter Vv and how Valentine’s let us share with our family and friends how much they mean to us all.

Thank you also for those who have shared some spare change to fill our “Baby Bottle for Babies”. We have next week to continue the collection to help mothers and babies in need. We have also been presented with a challenge to collect as many Box Tops for Education we can. Please cut them out of the many products which support this program.

As a reminder there is no school on Monday, February 18th as we celebrate President’s Day. Enjoy the long weekend and we look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday.

Ms. Stahmer

Our Pre-K students had so much fun with all the activities during Catholic Schools Week. The hats, pj’s, team shirts, and story book character day were a hit. Thank you to the many families who brought in cans of fruit to support Catholic Charities and the Food Pantry. As a thank you, if your child brought cans, they will have a free dress day on Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

In religion we began the 10 Commandments and your child learned that God Is number 1. Each week they will take home another commandment until we finish all ten. This is a great project to display either on the refrigerator or in their room to encourage them to remember the rules God asks us to follow.

Have a wonderful long weekend and remember there is no school on Monday, February 4th.

Ms. Stahmer

Mrs. Haynes


“I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.”    John 13:34

Updated: May 3, 2020,

The end is nearing. As I announced this week in our ZOOM sessions, we have only 21 days of school left and you have done well getting used to our new “normal” . Please continue to practice these helpful hints as we continue our distance learning:

  • Follow the daily schedule that is included in the packet. Do the work for that day so it can be checked the following day in a ZOOM session. If we check it in a ZOOM session, DO NOT RETURN IT IN THE PACKET.
  • Be on time for ZOOM sessions. I will not admit anyone into our session more than 10 minutes after we have begun. I am aware that sometimes a sibling’s session runs long, but they need to leave that session so you can get into yours. All the teachers are aware that many of you share a device.  Likewise, I know my sessions may run long, so if you need to leave so a sibling can get into their session, please do.  
  • Be in a quiet place with all your materials. We are limited on our time and when we have to wait for you to get your supplies or repeat information because of background noise, it is a waste of our time 
  • I need to “see” you during the session. If you leave, turn the camera away, or turn off the camera you risk being marked absent for the day. It is important that you are in attendance for at least one session per day to be counted in attendance.
  • Turn in packets that are complete & organized. Please remove all work that has been returned and be sure that you are including ALL work that must be sent back to school.
  • Turn in your BEST WORK. Math tests and quizzes MUST show work and ALL steps , answers to questions MUST be in complete sentences with details and examples. Not doing this causes you to lose points on tests and quizzes or receive partial credit on a HW assignment. Remember, this has been the expectation of your work all year.
  • Try to attend BOTH ZOOM sessions. The PM session is NOT a repeat of the AM session. In the AM we do Math and Language Arts. In the afternoon we do Religion, Science, & Social Studies. 
  • Keep up with work on IXL. Skills continue to be assigned in Math and now in Science and Social Studies. Completing these count towards your overall grade. Not completing them will lower your grade. Be responsible and continue with the good work habits that have been expected throughout the year.

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 4, 2020 ———— packet pick up & drop off

Monday, May 11, 2020 ———– packet pick up & drop off

Monday May 18, 2020 ———– packet pick up & drop off

Monday, May 25, 2020———– Memorial Day, No ZOOM sessions

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 ———– packet drop off , no packet to pick up, ZOOM sessions continue

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 ——– last day of school & last ZOOM session


Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, and Projects:

Monday, May 3, 2020 —————- Reading TEST, “The Starving Time”

————— Religion, Chp 17 TEST

Tuesday, May 4, 2020 —————– Spelling TEST, suffixes -ology & -ist allergist, antagonist, anthropology, archaeology, astrology, audiology, biology, cardiology, cartoonist, chemist, cryptology, dermatology, ecology, florist, geologist, journalist, meteorologist, mythology, paleontology, protagonist, psychology, typist, vocalist

Thursday, May 7, 2020 —————– Social Studies, Un 7 Lsn 1 & 2 TEST

Friday, May 8, 2020 ——————– Math, Chap 8 Lessons 2, 3, & 5 QUIZ

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 —————- Science, Natural Selection & Competition TEST

Friday, May 15, 2020 —————— 4th Quarter AR Reading Project —–Joey Pigza Newspaper due, send in with the packet on Monday, May 18th

Accelerated Reader:”Students will be required to read and take 3 Accelerated Reader (AR) Tests and corresponding Vocabulary Quizzes (if available…not every book has one) within his/her assigned reading level range, striving for 80% accuracy, each Quarter. Your child’s range is written in the back of his/her Planner. Reading levels will be adjusted throughout the year.  Three AR Tests with a minimum score of 80% are due at the end of each quarter.  Please encourage your child NOT to wait until the last-minute! Be sure to check out ` for book recommendations and AR levels.

Homework Policy:

— Neatly done and complete.

— If collected, the student’s name must be on the top right corner to receive full credit.

— If there is no name, there is no credit. Students are reminded to write their name before they turn anything in and it is the first direction given for tests.

— All Math homework is to be done in pencil, never in pen.

— A student will complete a Homework Notice for any assignment that receives a zero. This notice explains why the assignment received a zero and must be signed by a parent and returned the next day.  If the assignment is attached with the situation corrected, the student will receive 50% credit on that assignment instead of a zero.

Class Rules:

— Have all needed books, notebooks, spirals, and supplies at your desk for the portion of day because you will not be allowed to return to the cubby to get something.

— Respect all adults, faculty, staff, volunteers, and students. Speak kindly and treat each other as you want to be treated.

— Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.

— Pencils are to be sharpened at the beginning of the day OR during classwork time.

— Transition quietly from one subject to the next.

—- Remain in your sit. If you need to use the bathroom or get up for another reason, raise your hand to ask for permission.

Class Rules Violations:

— Verbal Warning

— Name in book

— Lose recess minutes

— Inform the assistant principal: a consequence may result

Resource Schedule:

Monday————- Art

Tuesday ———— PE……..Students come to school dressed in their PE uniform and bring the school uniform.  They will change into the school uniform after lunch.

               ———— Spanish

Wednesday ——–Music

Thursday ———– PE ……….Students come to school dressed in their PE uniform and bring the school uniform.  They will change into the school uniform after lunch.

Friday————— Media & Technology …….This is taught as one class period block of time.

The following websites are available for additional practice:


Click on the book with our cover (purple)

Click on the Home button, then the purple box in the lower right

Social Studies:


Click on the Home button, then the purple box in the lower right

“I give you a new commandment: love one another.  As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.”  John 13:34

May 17, 2020

“When you can’t control what’s happening, control the way you respond to what’s happening. For that is where your power is.”

Dear Families,

You will be dropping off and picking up the LAST Grade 4 Work Packet for the year on Monday, May 18 between 6:30-11:30 am.  You will find your student’s Terra Nova test results in this packet.

If you can,  please stop by BT on Monday, May 18 between 9:00-11:00 am for a special surprise treat!

Please be sure your student has completed and returned any late assignments.  No written assignments will be submitted after May 18.  We will be doing all assignments online until the end of year, June 3.

A few reminders:

  • Please return all books from the Media Center to our Drop-Off basket.
  • Please do not tear out any pages unless instructed to do so.
  • Write your name on EVERYTHING and complete ALL of your work.
  • Please enter each Zoom meeting a few minutes before the scheduled time so we can start right away at 8:30 and 2:30. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be admitted to the meeting and will have to attend the next one. If you miss both, you will be marked absent for the day.
  • Please keep up with PE, Music, Art & Spanish assignments and due dates!
  • Please continue IXL and Epic reading.  I expect a minimum of 20-30 minutes each of IXL & Reading every day. See the Weekly Work Plan for recommended selections.
  • You always have access to Math, Vocabulary Workshop and Religion through Sadlier Connect. Please see the bottom of my webpage for login instructions.
  • Please email me your phone number if you need help on anything and we can conduct our Round Table by FaceTime!
  • As always, your work must be done neatly & completely to the best of your ability. Everything is graded so do your very best!


Monday, May 18- Packet Drop-Off. Pick up Terra Nova Results & Work Plan.

Monday, May 25- Memorial Day/  No School

Friday, May 29- Professional Day/ No School

Wed, June 3- Last Day of School!!!

Thank you, again, for your cooperation as we continue distance learning.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Stay healthy and safe!



 2019-2020 Schedule

Discipline Plan 

The following websites are available for additional practice:

Religion:  *click on We Believe Grade 4

Math:  *scroll to “Student & Family Resources”; *click “Let’s Go!” in the purple box; *click Sadlier Math Grades K-6; *click Sadlier Math Grade 4 (orange text)

Vocabulary Workshop:  **scroll to “Student & Family Resources”; *click “Let’s Go” in the purple box; *click Vocabulary Workshop Grades 1-12; *click Vocabulary Workshop “orange”



Third Grade


Mrs. Sandford’s Third Grade Class

Dear Third Grade Families,

My name is Mrs. Ashley Sandford, and I am so excited to be your child’s Third Grade teacher and look forward to working with each of you to create a fabulous 2019-2020 School Year!  I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida and attended University of Florida for my undergraduate degree.  I then went to law school and practiced family law for three years before realizing working with and teaching children was my true calling.  I became certified while I lived in Corpus Christi, Texas at Texas A&M University. I have previously taught 6th and 7th grade.  I cannot wait to begin the school year with our third grade class and dive into a fun and challenging curriculum.

I aim to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to the classroom each day. I also strive to bring consistency, diligence, and warmth to my job in the hope that I can ultimately inspire and encourage present and future leaders.


We will spend time the first few weeks organizing materials and establishing classroom routines.  One such routine requires the students to write all assignments, tests and project due dates in the Student Planner in an effort to work on our organizational skills and becoming responsible learners. The students have been asked to obtain your signature in the Planner every night. Your time to review and sign the Student Planner is helpful in keeping everyone on track. I check Student Planners each morning for your signature, as well as any notes or comments you may have written.  The Student Planner will be placed in the blue folder every day, along with graded papers and any letters/flyers from our School Office.   Please empty these papers out and sign any necessary forms and return those in the blue folder.


Students will have homework Monday through Friday.  Your student will bring it home in his or her take home folder.  Inside you will find a pocket for papers to be kept at home and a pocket for papers to be brought back to school.  Take home folders should be brought back to school daily.  Students will be given at least 30 minutes of homework daily.  This includes, but is not limited to, math skills practice and studying for their weekly spelling/vocabulary test.  In addition, they are also expected to read between 20-30 minutes a night.  Homework gives students the opportunity to practice the skills they learned that day while also providing guidance to me on how I may need to modify my instruction for future lessons based on their performance.  I appreciate your help in encouraging your students to complete their assignments. Missed assignments due to an absence from class are expected to be made up in accordance with the school handbook.

Behavior Management

I feel that it is important to provide my students with a safe, quiet, and respectful environment so each child can be successful in school. This can only be achieved if each student is respectful of themselves, property and others.  It is important that each child follow the rules and expectations of the classroom so precious classroom time will not be wasted on behavior issues.

I have put in place a money economy system to help the students monitor their own behavior in the classroom.  Students will earn money (coins) each day that can be used to purchase rewards on Friday. Please note, that your child may not have enough money to get the reward that they are working towards that week and will be able to purchase the following week. Rewards start at $.20 and go up to $2.00. Each student will be able to save and buy a reward. (Some of the rewards include bringing something). Students earn a salary for coming to school every day. If your child is absent then they will not earn “money” that day.

If students are off task or have chosen to not follow the class rules and expectations the consequences will be as follows:

  1. One Verbal Warning
  2. Pay a “fine” from the salary they earn – the amount dependent upon the behavior or rule not followed
  3. Asked to sit in the Reflection Zone for 5 minutes (A spot has been designated in the classroom where the child can get some distance, regroup, and write a note regarding the rule they did not follow and how the plan to improve on this)
  4. NO playground time
  5. Parent contact/office visit

Please note, there are some behaviors that are zero tolerance and for which an automatic discipline referral will be written.  This includes fighting, threatening, and stealing.

Each student will be allowed to utilize an iPad as a learning tool in the classroom throughout the year. Students will be expected to comply with the school wide rules and expectations for technology use.


PE will be on Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. On Mondays, students must wear their regular school uniform and change into PE clothes. On Thursdays, students wear PE clothes to school and then change into their regular school uniforms.  Please place uniforms and sneakers/shoes in a separate bag (no hangers please!) Students may bring a water bottle for PE. Please remember: NO JEWELRY (except small post-style earrings) on PE Days! Lastly, please be sure all of your child’s belongings are clearly labeled!

Opportunity (Help) Sessions for Grade 3 are held on Wednesdays from 2:50-3:30 for students struggling with Math and/or Reading. Please write a note in the Planner if you would like your student to attend. Opportunity Sessions will begin Wednesday, Sept. 11.

I am excited to have your child in class and look forward to working as a team. I value your input and insight as parents and hope you will feel comfortable sharing any questions or concerns you might have throughout the year.  I do welcome and encourage parent involvement in my classroom.  If you wish to volunteer, please e-mail me for more information.

As always, feel free to contact me for any reason, through the Student Planner or e-mail


Ashley Sandford

 “I give you a new commandment: love one another.  As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.”  John 13:34

 News and Notices

Dear all,

Please see the attached Letter with information on work for the next week.  Anything with an asterisk (*) will be due on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.   The packet will have all the information for what the students will do.  I have also created a calendar of to-do items that must be turned in.  Please continue to turn in any missing assignments.  Any missing assignments can be scanned and emailed to me or turned in with the next packet.

Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation.

Week of May (1)


As always, the students can practice IXL for review. You can now use IXL for Science and Social Studies as well.  I encourage the students to continue to do so at home.  If login and passwords are needed, please e-mail me.

Kahoot for spelling/review:

Once you have an account I will send out the game pins and links for each quiz

Readworks. org

2. Students enter class code DF7XDE

3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234

Note: Students can change their passwords when they log in, and you can change student passwords on this page.

UNIT 4.vocab.spelling.list

Continue to Review Letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, in IXL as review

Practice T, U, BB, CC, TT, EE, FF for preparation for next year

IXL math practice –  Concepts in letters  W, X, and Y for Ch 9 and 10

Reading/English/Spelling Test – Unit 5, Lesson 1 05/15/2020

Chapter 9 and 10 Math Test – 05/15/2020

Kahoot spelling – 05/15/2020


Dates to Remember

Distance Learning – 03/17/20 to 04/06/20

Spring Break – 04/07/20 to 04/15/20

Return to Classroom – 05/04/20


Instructional Videos will be sent via e-mail.  They are made by me to help the students with some of the material.

Link for Charlotte’s Web:


Updated 05/11/20

Week of May



Week of May

2020-03 – Distance Learning Agreement – student pledge

Week of April





Week of April

Week of March




Week of March 23-27.items.due



Spelling and Vocabulary. Lessons. Unit 1. 1-6

Second Grade

Angela Ferry

“I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” John 13:34



March 16, 2020


Language Arts: We will begin Unit 5, L3 this week. We will practice fluency and decoding; Word Analysis (Suffixes ly,y); Develop and increase their comprehension; Develop Vocabulary; Language Arts (Prepositions/Prepositional Phrases); Write a Response to Literature and a Formal Letter); Practice our Handwriting, Vocabulary, and Phonics. Our Spelling assessment and LA Test will not be given until Friday, March 27th  due to our short school week.

*No Spelling Homework this week. Instead, students will complete a Book Report due on Tuesday, March 24th.

Math: We will begin Ch 10 (Foundations for Multiplication).

 Social Studies: We will not begin Unit 5 (Economics) until the week of March 23th. There is a delay due to our short school week. I am sorry for the delay.

Science: We will continue learning about the Earth’s surface. We will begin L2 (Soil).

Religion:  Students will learn about the Three Days (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday).

 ***Important Dates

Mar 16th– No School: Diocesan In -Service Day

Mar 17th-Non-Uniform Day for students who donate $2 for the Legacy Fund)

March 20th-No School

 *Please note that on March 17th, students who donate $2 to the Legacy Fund must wear green for St. Patrick’s Day. They may wear jeans with sneakers.

 Thank you as always for your love and support!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

God Bless!

Mrs. Ferry

Homework March 16-20

Spelling Words Mar 16-27





Mrs. Golino


Week of March16 – March 20


*ATTENTION:  We are in urgent need of disinfectant wipes (Lysol, Clorox, Seventh Generation and such).  Please send in 2 canisters or more if you can.



We are beginning our study of long vowels.  We are learning the sound of long vowel e.  We see it in words like:  bead, tree, and baby.  Practice comparing short e and long e sounds.  Practice finding long vowel e words in the world around you.


Each letter makes a sound.  Some letters make more than one sound.  Words are made up of letters put together.  Words put together with a finger space between them, make a sentence.

A Noun names a person, place, or thing.  Singular nouns have no s at the end.  Plural nouns have an s at the end.

A complete sentence tells a whole idea.  An example is:  My puppy naps.  An incomplete sentence is missing information.  An example is:  My puppy.

A Naming Part of a sentence tells who or what.  Example:  Two frogs

A Telling Part of a sentence tells what happened.  Example:  jump.

Proper Nouns are special nouns that begin with a capital letter.  Examples are:  Mary, Publix, Beach Boulevard, Blessed Trinity Catholic School.

A Telling Sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  Example:  My cat sleeps with me.

An Asking Sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a question mark.  Example:  When will we go to the park?

A verb is an action word.  It tells what someone or something does.  Examples:  run, jump, and sleep.

An adjective is a describing word.  It describes a noun.  Examples:  tall, blue, four, sour, stinky, bumpy, loud, and sunny.

An Exclamatory Sentence is said with excitement.  It begins with a capital letter and ends with an exclamation mark.  Example:  Watch out for that snake!

A Command tells someone what to do and gives a direction.  It begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  Example:  Pick up your toys.


We will have our Spelling Test on Thursday (3/19/20).

Our new spelling words are:

grape, leaf, five, oak, stew, snail, baby, fly, soap, true



We are learning how to write our D’Nealian letters.

Religion –

We are learning about …

  • Jesus teaches us about forgiveness.  Read the story of the Prodigal Son together in Luke 15:11-23.
  • God always forgives us when we say we are sorry.
  • We follow God’s laws by showing love for God and others.
  • We can ask God for forgiveness at any time.
  • Penance is the sacrament in which we receive and celebrate God’s forgiveness.
  • In the Sacrament of Penance, we receive God’s forgiveness and peace.
  • We share peace with others by loving and forgiving them.


Practice identifying numbers from 1-100.  We will recognize, count, and order numbers.  Practice finding numbers before, between, and right after.

Practice addition facts with sums to ten.

Practice subtraction facts with a whole of 10 or less.

We are learning about Fact Families.  An example is:

2+4=6, 4+2=6, 6-4=2, 6-2=4

We will begin to learn to measure.  We will learn how to use a ruler.  We will learn about inches and centimeters.

We are learning about place value.  We will study two digit numbers.

We are learning addition facts with sums up to 20.

We are learning subtraction facts from 20 or less.

We are gathering data and organizing this information onto charts and graphs.

We are learning how to add two digit numbers together.

We are learning how to subtract two digit numbers.

We are beginning our study of geometry and shapes.



Ms. Behrend




Week of Nov 11th: Sight Word homework, math worksheets (Wednesday and Thursday)

Week of Nov 18th: Sight Word homework, math worksheet Monday


Our resource schedule:

Monday: P.E (wear tennis shoes)

Tuesday: P.E and Music (wear tennis shoes)

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Media

Friday: Spanish

Mass is held every Wednesday at 8:20

We have playground time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Classroom Expectations

  • We use kind words
  • We follow directions the first time
  • We we raise our hands to speak
  • We work quietly when we need to
  • We always try to do our best
  • We share with one another
  • We don’t hurt others on this inside or outside
  • We show respect when we work together
  • We tell the truth


 Pre Kindergarten