blessed trinity catholic school

“To be a Saint is not a privilege for the Few, but a Vocation for Everyone.” Pope Francis


Welcome back B.T.C.S families and students!

As we return for our 2018-2019 school year refreshed and invigorated, the art room will be in full swing as students work with color, various art supplies & art mediums creating their own works of art!

In the main lobby of our school, we share an art exhibit wall of framed art work created by our students.  This art work reflects the projects intent while sharing the student’s skills, talent and creativity. Make a point to stop and enjoy this art work as well as the art on display all year long in the hallway by the art room.

Blessed Trinity will be hosting an art show in the spring of 2019, be sure to watch for more information on this.  It’s always a treat to see our students’ hard work and talent on display!

Middle School Art Students only –   the art grade is calculated from the following scale:

80% -of their art grade will be graded on the project rubric and how well the student achieved the rubric.   The rubric is discussed and created by the students and teacher based on their knowledge and understanding of the project, art elements and art principles involved.

20% – of their grade is based on their participation in class, following class rules, procedures, talking levels, and using time wisely and not socializing.  This is a weekly grade.

Service hours are available to middle school students, every Monday after school from 3:15pm.- 4:15pm.  Please see me or contact me if you are interested.


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