Mrs. Strandes


Art Class 2021-2022

“Art is a place kids travel to, where they feel good about themselves.  Keep their passport current.” ~ Fred Babb, author and artist  

Students, grab your passport!  This school year in the art room, we will be traveling to the 7 continents through our Global Art Passport Curriculum!  Students can explore their own creativity as their project visits the culture, geography, history and art of a particular region.  As the students travel the globe, their passport will document their adventures visited.

Safely and respectfully, we will continue our social distancing, mask wearing and sanitation procedures in the art room.


I look forward to a new year of creativity with the students!







  I am Calm

I am Respectful

I am Encouraging

I am Attentive

I am Talented

I am Excited about ART!


Mrs. Strandes