blessed trinity catholic school

Dear Parents and Students,

As we welcome Spring-time and we continue into our 4th quarter of the 2017 school year, many of our art classes will be studying landscape in their art work.  We will share landscape placement in many art forms and art mediums.  Please come visit the art hallway and enjoy the fantastic work of the students in various grade levels.   Also, our 8th, 5th and 2nd graders will be creating and experimenting with clay this last quarter, their kiln fired art pieces should promise to be colorful art additions to enjoy for many years!

I would like to recognize the following students whose art work was chosen this year for our 2nd Annual Diocese Grade School Art Show at Bishop Kenny.  These art pieces went on display and shared at Bishop Kenny High School’s art gallery on February 10,  2017. Beautiful and talented artwork was shared from many of our schools in the Diocese,  a special congratulations to our students at Blessed Trinity!   KindergartenHannah Earich,  1st gradeSofia Kral 2nd gradeJacob Victorino3rd gradeAngel Arellano4th gradeChristian Busto ,   5th grade– Gabriela Calle,    6th grade- Kendall Bechtold,   7th grade- Courtney Pham.  8th grade – Ana Noto and Mariann Ocampo  


To accomplish our goals in the art room, please help me reinforce the expectations I have for each student.

A- arrive quietly; inside voices while working

R- raise your hand to ask or tell

T- time used wisely, stay focused

I- immediately follow directions

S -share and respect art supplies

T -take responsibility-clean up!

The art grading policy is as follows:  80% of each art project is based on meeting the art criteria and standards for that project.

.                                                          20% class participation is a daily grade during each project; following the above printed class “Artist” rules.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, I can be contacted at art@blessedtrinitycatholicschool.org

Thank you,

Kathy Strandes