Elementary and Middle School Blessed Trinity Catholic School

“Serve the Lord with gladness, come before him with joyful song.”    Psalm 11:2

June 2, 2023

Dear Families,

It has been a privilege and blessing to teach your children this year. Have a well-deserved, fun, relaxing, and safe summer break. Be on the lookout for Math and Reading Summer Assignments to be posted to the BT Website soon. Please do not wait until the last minute to complete this work. It is due on the second day of school.

See you all next year, 5th Graders!

 A Gentle Reminder for our Boys: Per BT’s Dress Code Policy, “Pants must fit properly and not be faded.” If pants are faded, torn, or have worn out knees, it is time for a new pair of uniform pants, and retire the old ones. Dress shorts may be worn beginning April 1.

QUESTION:  Is your child completing the assigned IXL Math & Language Arts objectives each week?

Grade 4 Help Session is held on Wednesdays. Students struggling with Reading and/or Math concepts are invited to participate. Please email me or write a note in the Planner if you would like your child to attend. Students will be signed into Extended Day if not picked up at 3:30.


Students are required to read and take a minimum of 3 Accelerated Reader (AR) Tests and corresponding Vocabulary Quizzes (if available…not every book as one) within his/her assigned reading level range, striving for 80% accuracy, by Wednesday, May 17. Your student’s new Reading Level Range will be written in the back of the Planner upon completion of the STAR Assessment and is adjusted throughout the school year. Please encourage your student NOT to wait until the last minute to complete this AR requirement. Be sure to check out arbookfind.com for book recommendations and AR levels.

Please encourage children to read, read, read….every day! The AR Grade each Quarter is the average of the top 3 test scores.

Gentle Reminder… Per BT Policy, unless medically necessary, all cell phones,  Smart Watches, and other electronic devices MUST be dropped off to the Office every morning upon arriving to school and picked up at dismissal. They may not be brought into the classroom or kept in backpacks. Thank you for your cooperation.


Do not forget students can get some extra Vocabulary Workshop practice by visiting: www.sadlierconnect.com  **scroll to “Student & Family Resources;” *click “Let’s Go” in the purple box; *click Vocabulary Workshop Grades 1-12; *click Vocabulary Workshop “orange”. No usernames or passwords needed! Please see the bottom of my BT webpage for additional resources.

The following websites are available for additional practice:

Religion: religion.sadlierconnect.com  *click on We Believe Grade 4

Math: www.sadlierconnect.com  *scroll to “Student & Family Resources”; *click “Let’s Go!” in the purple box; *click Sadlier Math Grades K-6; *click Sadlier Math Grade 4 (orange text)

Vocabulary Workshop: www.sadlierconnect.com  **scroll to “Student & Family Resources”; *click “Let’s Go” in the purple box; *click Vocabulary Workshop Grades 1-12; *click Vocabulary Workshop “orange”

Everything: www.khanacademy.org


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