blessed trinity catholic school


March 19, 2018

“Sainthood is not a privilege for a few, but a vocation for us all.”

Math: We are continuing with fractions this week and we will begin taking timed tests again in multiplication.  IXL is a good way to practice and they can do any lesson that is highlighted in yellow.  IXL will also be used for a homework assignment once a week.

IXL Login: Your child’s login information is located in the front cover of the planner.  If you are logging into IXL through the internet and not the app, @btcs needs to be added to the end of their username ex: duncan@btcs.

Re-take Tests: If you would like your child to retake a test, their score must be a 69% or lower.  Please review the content with them over the weekend.  Then sign and return the test and write “Re-take” on the top so that I know your child is ready to test again.


Tests and Quizzes This Week:

Timed Test- Thursday

Spelling Test- Thursday


This Weeks Spelling Words:

school          bookmark          balloon          true

few               suit                    goose             chew

fruit              glue                   cookie            Tuesday

cushion        bushel                noodle           bamboo

mildew         soothe               barefoot         renewal

What’s Going On at Blessed Trinity?

  • March 21 ~ Stations of the Cross
  • March 21 ~ Report Cards go home
  • March 22 ~ No School
  • March 25 ~ No School
  • March 27 ~ Awards Mass (awards start in 4th grade)
  • March 28 ~ Stations of the Cross
  • March 29 ~ Eucharistic Congress
  • April 1 ~ Last day to turn in field trip form
  • April 3 ~ in school confessions
  • April 4 ~ Kids Heart Challenge
  • April 4 ~ Art Show
  • April 4 ~ Stations if the Cross
  • April 8 ~ Non-uniform day for Kids Heart Challenge
  • April 11 ~ 3rd grade performs Stations of the Cross
  • April 16 ~ K-3 MOSH field trip
  • April 17 ~ Chrism Mass
  • April 18-28 ~ Spring Break


Grading Scale: The Diocese of St. Augustine grading scale is as follows:

90-100  A

80-89    B

70-79    C

60-69    D

59% or below   F

Helpful websites: –use this website to help you find books at your book level– this website can be used as “practice”  for Accelerated Reader quizzes— use this website to practice basic computation skills –this is the online companion to our religion textbook.