blessed trinity catholic school


October 15, 2018

“Sainthood is not a privilege for a few, but a vocation for us all.”


This is the week for parent conferences! Monday-Wednesday will be normal days and Thursday and Friday will be half days.  You have each received documentation stating when your meetings will be.  These meeting will be a quick 15 minutes.  If you feel that we need to speak for a longer time we can schedule another meeting for a different day.

Coach McGuire has asked for parent volunteers for Health Awareness Week.  Currently, she has a total of 3 volunteers.  That is not enough volunteers for the events that she has planned and she has informed us that certain event may need up being canceled.  The students really look forward to this week so please check your schedule and see if you have a chance to volunteer next week.

If you would like your child to retake a test, please review the content with them over the weekend.  Then sign and return the test and write “Re-take” on the top so that I know your child is ready to test again.


Tests and Quizzes This Week:

Math Test- Thursday

Reading Test- Friday

Spelling Test- Friday


This Weeks Spelling Words:

splash                strike

splurge              street

split                   strength

three                 scream

thrill                   scratch

throne               squid

throw                 squander

squeak               strategy

squeeze             instrument

square                arthritis


What’s Going On at Blessed Trinity?

  • October 15-19 ~ Red Ribbon Week
  • October 18-19 ~ Early Dismissal for parent/teacher meetings
  • October 20 ~ Fall Festival
  • October 22- 26 ~ Health Awareness Week
  • October 26 ~ Sneakers/boots for the students that participated in the poster contest
  • October 31 ~ Halloween
  • November 1 ~ All Saints Day (Holy Day of Obligation)
  • November 2 ~ All Souls Day
  • November 9 ~ Last day to donate for our Thanksgiving basket


Grading Scale: The Diocese of St. Augustine grading scale is as follows:

90-100  A

80-89    B

70-79    C

60-69    D

59% or below   F

Helpful websites: –use this website to help you find books at your book level– this website can be used as “practice”  for Accelerated Reader quizzes— use this website to practice basic computation skills –this is the online companion to our religion textbook.