blessed trinity catholic school

Hello Parents,
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and spring break!  When we come back from break we will begin math Chapter 11 (graphs).   This is will be fun and quick chapter so make sure that your child is understanding and doing their homework.  We will continue with unit 5  lesson 2 of our reading series.   Our story will be “United States Citizenship” and we will be learning phonics concepts /ow/ spelled ow and ou as well as suffixes -er, -or, -ness.  Our science concept we will begin is the life cycle of a butterfly. Students will be learning verb tenses and how to write a friendly letter.   We will continue learning cursive in the classroom.

  • Please make sure that your child is reading their AR books and taking tests on them at school.  Accelerated Reader will be counted as two grades (one for reaching their point goal and one for the average of the tests).  Students have until May 21st to reach their point goal.
  • Part of your child’s Math grade is getting 2 green lights a week on Reflex Math.  Please make sure your child is logging on at least twice a week and getting those green lights.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and spring break!

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Boling

Unit 5 Lesson 2 Spelling Words

1. teacher
2. hour
3. loud
4. kindness
5. crowd
6. town
7. howl
8. baker
9. actor
10. brightness

Unit 5 Lesson 2 Vocab

citizen-a person who belongs to a country and has rights recognized by the government
legally-allowed by or according to the law
naturalized- born in another country and then becoming a citizen
republic- a form of government in which people elect their leaders
voice- an opinion, wish, or choice that someone is allowed to express
rights- things that someone is allowed to have morally or legally
symbol – something that stands for an idea
democracy- a government that is run by the people who live under it
emigrated- left one’s own place or country to live in another
immigrated- came to live in a country where one was not born
oath- a statement in which a person swears that what he or she said is true
traits- qualities of a person or animal