blessed trinity catholic school

Please see below to see what we are learning in 2nd grade the week of April 8-12!

Reading – Unit 5.4 – this week in reading we are reading a story titled, Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores. In this story we will learn about how we can be responsible friends and neighbors. We will work with compound words and words with suffixes (ed, est, ing, ed). We will also work with words with gh, ph, ck, and ng. We will also learn the meanings of the following words: adventure, climbed, clubhouse, exploring, greatest, truest, wondered. We will continue to work with story structure (character and setting) and different types of pronouns (she, they, it, he, them, us, you). Students will take the Unit 5.4 assessment on Friday, 4/12.

Vocabulary – Unit 6 – this week in vocabulary we will learn the following words: agree, bare, famous, feast, gentle, hero, leader, notice, search, weak. We will take the Unit 6 assessment on Friday, 4/12. Students will take home their vocabulary books to study Thurs. night (4/11).

Math – Chapter 12 – this week in math we will continue with chapter 12 and will begin to work on time – time to the hour, half hour, and to the 5-minute. We will use next week to review time and money, and the chapter 12 assessment will next Weds., 4/17. Please have students log onto IXL and work on time (Q.1, Q.2, Q.3, Q.4, Q.5, Q.6) and on money (any skill under “P”).

If your child received a failing score on their math quiz from Friday, 4/5, they will need to get this signed, redo any problems on notebook paper that they got wrong, and return this to class Tuesday to receive an additional  points on their math quiz. These same students will take another math quiz on money on this Friday, 4/12 so I can see who still does not understand money.

Social Studies – this week we will wrap up Unit 3 lesson 2 – Coming To America. We will continue to learn about early America and about the first immigrants who came to America through Ellis Island. We will also learn about important American symbols like the Statue of Liberty.

Science – this week in science we will continue to learn about the matter, students will learn about sink and float, and motion (push and pull) this week.

Religion – Chapter 20 – this week we will continue with chapter 20 which will teach us all about the season of Lent. We will continue to work on this chapter during the season of Lent. There will not be a chapter test.

Spelling – test on Friday, 4/12

    1. phone
    2. enough
    3. backtrack
    4. laugh
    5. ticket
    6. duckling
    7. graph
    8. tough
    9. photo
    10. rough
    11. cough
    12. clang

Tutoring – continues 4/8/19, there will be no tutoring in Monday, April 15th due to this being a short week

Homework – math homework is due in class the day after it is assigned, reading homework is due on Friday, 4/12

Resource Schedule

Monday – PE

Tuesday – art and media

Wednesday – art

Thursday – PE

Friday – Spanish

Important Dates for 2nd grade:

  1. Field Trip to MOSH – 4/16/19
  2. First Eucharist Rehearsal – Thursday, 5/2/19 at 6:30 p.m. at the church
  3. First Eucharist – Saturday, 5/4/19 at 10:30 a.m. at the church