blessed trinity catholic school

Hello Parents,
This week we will be diving into Unit 3 Lesson 5 of our Reading and Language Arts book.  We will be reading “The Stranger and the Soup” , the following is a summary of what this story is about: A mysterious stranger appears in a village that is suffering a food shortage due to drought. Although he
is not welcomed at first, the stranger has a secret ingredient to help the hungry villagers survive a harsh winter.  The students will be practicing the following comprehension strategies: visualizing, summarizing and asking and answering questions.  In phonics we will be learning about the long i sound spelled _igh, _ie, _y, i, and i_e .  We will finish Math chapter 6 Measurement.  This will be a very fast chapter so make sure your children are doing their homework.  We will also complete our unit in Science : The Water Cycle.  We will be learning about the Mass this week in religion.  Please be sure to have your child read their AR book to you every evening.  Our testing schedule is as follows: Wednesday 1/13/21 Science test and  Friday 1/15/21 Math, Religion, Unit 3 Lesson 5 tests, and Spelling, .

  • Please see the email that I have sent to you about Accelerated Reader this nine weeks.
  • Part of your child’s Math grade is getting 2 green lights a week on Reflex Math.  Please make sure your child is logging on at least twice a week and getting those green lights.

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Boling


Unit 3 Lesson 5 Spelling Words

1. pie
2. night
3. fly
4. pile
5. child
6. right
7. shy
8. lie
9. mice
10. try

Vocabulary Unit 3 Lesson 5

indeed – really; truly
surely- firmly; steadily
gasp- the act or sound of drawing in air suddenly
wilted- became limp; drooped
wringing- clasping, pressing, or twisting the hands together
plaza- a public square or open space in a city or town
sighed- made a long, deep breathing sound due to sadness or relief
well- a deep hole for getting water from the ground
simmer- to cook at or just below the boiling point
seasoning- something that is used to bring out the flavor of food