2nd Grade

blessed trinity catholic school

 Welcome to Second Grade!

Iowa Assessments March 6 – March 10

This is a test of knowledge of something learned or taught. The purpose  is to determine knowledge in a particular subject area. The results will help teachers determine academics strengths and needs of the students.

CogAT March 14 – March 16 

This is a Cognitive Ability Test that measures general thinking and specific problem solving skills. This measures cognitive development over time.


Please maintain a typical schedule and atmosphere at home during the testing time, and make sure your child gets a full night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast each day. Like all school activities and academics, students should be encouraged to do their best!

** There will be no additional homework nor tests during the two weeks.

** Attendance is key! Please try to be at school promptly at 8am.

Opportunity (Help) Sessions for Grade 2 are held on Mondays from 2:50-3:30  for students struggling with Math and/or Reading. Please email me or write a note to inform me that they will be attending.


Important Dates to Remember:

March 1 – Ash Wednesday – start of the Lenten Season

March 3 – Parish Fish Fry

March 6 – March 10 Iowa Testing

March 8 – Field Trip Permission Slip and money due

March 10 – 12:15pm Dismissal; End of Third Quarter

March 13 – No Classes – Diocesen In Service Day

March 14 – March 16 CogAt Testing

March 14 – HSA Meeting at 6:30pm

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

March 24-25 – Eucharistic Congress

March 24 – Field Trip to Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop

March 31 – Parish soup and sandwich night at 5pm


PE Schedule: Monday and Thursday. On Monday and Thursday, students are to wear their PE uniform to school and we will change into their School Uniform after PE. Please have their change of clothes in a separate, smaller gym bag.



Students are given time in the morning to write their daily assignments into their planners. At the end of the day, I will check to make sure they have correctly coppied everything down and to double check their spelling words as well. We have been learning and talking about responsibility and what good work habits consists of. Please encourage your child to look over their planners and check off what they have done to ensure their homework is completed. Thank you so much for your support at home!!


Why We Should Read 20 Minutes Nightly?

*According to K12Reader.com:


Reading is Brain Food:“You integrate new information learned through reading further strengthening and growing your network of knowledge. Reading provides one of the most enriching and complex brain activities available in life.”


Reading Improves Listening Skills: “Through reading they learn to recognize phonemes (the sound building blocks of language), learn new words to add to their oral vocabularies and connect written words to their real world applications.”


Reading Improves Academic Success:“Because so much of our schooling relies on our abilities to read, children must have strong reading skills to succeed and thrive in school.”


Reading Improves Relationships: “Spending 20 minutes reading independently provides you with quiet, uninterrupted time together engaged in the same activity.”

thank you