blessed trinity catholic school

Please see below to see what we are learning in 2nd grade the week of December 10th-14th!

***The Christmas Extravaganza paper went home last Monday, 12/10. Please send in the $5 by this Weds., 12/13.***

Reading  – Unit 3 Week 3 – this week in reading we are reading a folk tale titled, Anansi Goes Fishing. We will learn the following high-frequency words: been, finally, believe, today, caught, tomorrow, whatever. We will be working with compound words and will review author’s purpose. We will also learn abot verbs for past, present, and future. We will also review story structure and will work on finding the problem and solution in the story.

Phonics – Unit 6 and 7 – this week in phonics we will review digraphs ‘oo’, ‘aw’, and ‘au’. ‘oi’ and ‘oy’, ea (leaf and bread), ‘ou’ and ‘ow’. We will take a quiz on diphthongs on Wednesday, 12/12. We will begin Unit 7 with contractions on Thursday (12/13) and Friday (12/14).

Math – Chapter 7 – this week we will begin a new chapter that will teach us about place value up to 1,000. There will be a quiz on lessons 1-4 on Friday, 12/14. IXL skills this week are: M.2, M.6, M.11, C.2, C.3, C.4, C.5.

Social Studies – this week we will continue with Unit 2 Lesson 2 and will learn about Native Americans of the Northeast Woodlands.

Science – this week we will begin learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Religion – Chapter 13 and 14 – this week in religion we will be learning all about Advent and Christmas. There is no religion test for either of these chapters.

Spelling – test on Friday, 12/14

  1. basketball
  2. bathtub
  3. someone
  4. backyard
  5. weekend
  6. driveway
  7. something
  8. bedtime
  9. birthday
  10. riverbank
  11. mailbox

Homework – math homework is due in class the following day it is assigned, reading homework is all due on Friday, 12/14

Tutoring – continues 12/10 week and will take place every Monday after school, and will end at 3:30 p.m.

Resource Schedule

Monday – PE

Tuesday – art and media

Wednesday – art

Thursday – PE

Friday – Spanish

Important Dates for 2nd grade:

  • 12/13/18 – Christmas Program at 7 p.m.
  • 12/17/18 – Christmas Extravaganza all day! Students do not need a lunch; pizza, snacks, and drinks will be served.