blessed trinity catholic school

Mrs. Golino


Week of March16 – March 20


*ATTENTION:  We are in urgent need of disinfectant wipes (Lysol, Clorox, Seventh Generation and such).  Please send in 2 canisters or more if you can.



We are beginning our study of long vowels.  We are learning the sound of long vowel e.  We see it in words like:  bead, tree, and baby.  Practice comparing short e and long e sounds.  Practice finding long vowel e words in the world around you.


Each letter makes a sound.  Some letters make more than one sound.  Words are made up of letters put together.  Words put together with a finger space between them, make a sentence.

A Noun names a person, place, or thing.  Singular nouns have no s at the end.  Plural nouns have an s at the end.

A complete sentence tells a whole idea.  An example is:  My puppy naps.  An incomplete sentence is missing information.  An example is:  My puppy.

A Naming Part of a sentence tells who or what.  Example:  Two frogs

A Telling Part of a sentence tells what happened.  Example:  jump.

Proper Nouns are special nouns that begin with a capital letter.  Examples are:  Mary, Publix, Beach Boulevard, Blessed Trinity Catholic School.

A Telling Sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  Example:  My cat sleeps with me.

An Asking Sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a question mark.  Example:  When will we go to the park?

A verb is an action word.  It tells what someone or something does.  Examples:  run, jump, and sleep.

An adjective is a describing word.  It describes a noun.  Examples:  tall, blue, four, sour, stinky, bumpy, loud, and sunny.

An Exclamatory Sentence is said with excitement.  It begins with a capital letter and ends with an exclamation mark.  Example:  Watch out for that snake!

A Command tells someone what to do and gives a direction.  It begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  Example:  Pick up your toys.


We will have our Spelling Test on Thursday (3/19/20).

Our new spelling words are:

grape, leaf, five, oak, stew, snail, baby, fly, soap, true



We are learning how to write our D’Nealian letters.

Religion –

We are learning about …

  • Jesus teaches us about forgiveness.  Read the story of the Prodigal Son together in Luke 15:11-23.
  • God always forgives us when we say we are sorry.
  • We follow God’s laws by showing love for God and others.
  • We can ask God for forgiveness at any time.
  • Penance is the sacrament in which we receive and celebrate God’s forgiveness.
  • In the Sacrament of Penance, we receive God’s forgiveness and peace.
  • We share peace with others by loving and forgiving them.


Practice identifying numbers from 1-100.  We will recognize, count, and order numbers.  Practice finding numbers before, between, and right after.

Practice addition facts with sums to ten.

Practice subtraction facts with a whole of 10 or less.

We are learning about Fact Families.  An example is:

2+4=6, 4+2=6, 6-4=2, 6-2=4

We will begin to learn to measure.  We will learn how to use a ruler.  We will learn about inches and centimeters.

We are learning about place value.  We will study two digit numbers.

We are learning addition facts with sums up to 20.

We are learning subtraction facts from 20 or less.

We are gathering data and organizing this information onto charts and graphs.

We are learning how to add two digit numbers together.

We are learning how to subtract two digit numbers.

We are beginning our study of geometry and shapes.