1st Grade

blessed trinity catholic school

Mrs. Golino

email: golino@blessedtrinitycatholicschool.org

Week of September 25 – September 29

Note from Media Research:

Mrs. Atkinson is sending back the media USB sticks, as they are not needed for the Ipads.  Some children have not brought in their headphones yet.  (A few are being returned to home.)  Please ensure your child has a straight connector piece on the headphone unit in order to work with the Ipad.


Please practice reading these words each day.  Our new vocabulary words are listed below:

*(First Grade Readiness) – I, see, a, green, like, one, the, we, do, look, was, yellow, you, are, have, that, they, two, he, is, three, to, with



We are reviewing vowel and consonant sounds learned in kindergarten.


Nouns name a person, place, animal, or thing.  Examples include:  baker, park, kitten, and mug.  Practice finding nouns in your world around you.

Verbs are action words.  They tell what someone or something does.  Examples include:  eat, jump, and sleep.  Practice finding verbs in your world around you.


We are reviewing letters and letter sounds.


We are learning how to write our D’Nealian letters.

Religion –

  • John the Baptist helped people get ready for Jesus.
  • He and Jesus were cousins.
  • Jesus treated all people with respect.
  • Read the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible together (Luke 19:1-5).
  • Trust means to believe in someone’s love for us, even though we can’t see it.
  • God watches over us all the time.
  • Jesus helped all those need.


Practice identifying numbers from 1-20.  We will recognize, count, and order numbers.  Practice finding numbers before, between, and right after.  We are learning about ordinal positions 1st – 10th.

We are building addition sentences with sums up to 12.  The two numbers being added are called addends.  The answer you get when adding is called the sum.

Social Studies-

History tells the story of our past.  We grow and change over time.  We are comparing our lives now with life in the past.


Scientists learn about how things in our world work.  We are exploring how scientists learn and how we learn.  We use our senses to learn.  We ask questions and record answers.