blessed trinity catholic school

Mrs. Golino


Week of August 20 – August 24


Please practice reading these words each day.  Our new vocabulary words are listed below:

*(First Grade Readiness) – I, see, a, green, like, one, the, we

*(Unit 1) –

*(Unit 2) –

*(Unit 3) –

*(Unit 4) –

*(Unit 5) –



We are reviewing the letters of the alphabet.  Each child should be able to identify each letter, its sound, and whether it is a vowel or a consonant.  (a, e, i, o, and u are vowels.  The other 21 letters are consonants.)


Nouns name a person, place, animal, or thing.  Examples include:  baker, park, kitten, and mug.  Practice finding nouns in your world around you.


We are reviewing letters and sounds.


We are learning how to write our D’Nealian letters.

Religion –

  • Creation is everything God made.
  • The Bible is the book of God’s word.
  • We believe that everything God created is good.
  • God created all people because He wanted to share His love.
  • God wants us to care for His creation.
  • God gave people special gifts.  We can think, learn, speak, care for God’s world, share love, and listen and talk with God.
  • God gave us special gifts so that we can know and love Him.


Practice identifying numbers from 1-100.  We will recognize, count, and order numbers.  Practice finding numbers before, between, and right after.

We are building addition sentences with sums up to 10.  The two numbers being added are called addends.  The answer you get when adding is called the sum.

Social Studies-

We are exploring maps and globes.


We have five senses:  sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.