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Empowering Students at Blessed Trinity Catholic School

At Blessed Trinity Catholic School, our goal is to empower every student, transcending barriers of race, creed, and ethnicity, as they embark on a journey to become well-rounded, capable citizens of our great nation and devoted followers of Jesus Christ. As a Catholic school, we wholeheartedly integrate the teachings of God and Gospel values into our curriculum, fostering a profound sense of purpose and meaning.

Nurturing Holistic Growth

Dedicated to holistic growth, we prioritize the development of social and emotional skills. Our Parish Community provides a nurturing environment where positive guidance techniques are employed, enabling students to thrive not only academically, but also emotionally and socially.

Discover Our School

Curious about what we offer? We invite you to explore Blessed Trinity Catholic School through our ‘in-person’ tours. Witness firsthand how our commitment to academic excellence, spiritual enrichment, and social development sets our students on a remarkable path to success.

A Place of Opportunity

Enroll your child at Blessed Trinity Catholic School, where they can seize the opportunity to excel academically, spiritually, and socially. Our inclusive environment welcomes students from all walks of life, and we are proud to offer scholarships to eligible students, ensuring that access to quality education is within reach.

Join us in nurturing not only education but also values that will guide students throughout their lives. Become a part of our community and embark on a transformative educational journey at our school.

To arrange a tour, call 904-641-6458 or email Principal Marie Davis at 

Blessed Trinity Catholic School – Code of Ethics


Nov 1 – All Saint’s Day / Boys must wear pants until April 1st

Nov 2 – Icemen Field Trip 3rd-8th grade

Nov 4 – Brain Brawl @ Bishop Kenny / Reconciliation Retreat

Nov 7 – 8th Grade visits Bishop Kenny / Thanksgiving basket items due

Nov 8 – 3rd Grade Confessions

Nov 9 – Progress Reports 3rd-8th grade

Nov 11-12 – Parish 65th and School 25th Celebration after masses

Nov 15- 4th and 5th Confessions

Nov 16 – Thanksgiving feast items due today

Nov 17 – Thanksgiving Day Feast

Nov 18 – BINGO in the Parish Hall

Nov 20 – Early Dismissal @ 12:15pm

Nov 21-24 – NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break

Nov 28 – Giving Tuesday iGive Catholic

Nov 29 – Bishop Polhmiere visits the classrooms

Nov 30 – Spelling Bee

Blessed Trinity Catholic School Family Center

The dream of building a Family Center came true. To get more details, please click the link. English or Spanish

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