Blessed Trinity Catholic School

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Blessed Trinity Catholic School
2016 - 2017





Welcome to our school!

Blessed Trinity Catholic School strives to assist all students, regardless of race, creed, or ethnic background, in the difficult task of maturing into well-rounded, capable citizens of this great country and followers of Jesus Christ.

As a Catholic School, Blessed Trinity is dedicated to integrating the teaching of God and Gospel values within the total curriculum. Blessed Trinity School develops social and emotional skills through positive guidance techniques set forth by the Parish Community.


Loving Father, We place our hope and trust in you! Open our hearts in this campaign so that our parish will serve the needs of all: A refuge for the sinner, A haven for the lonely, Safe harbor for the lost, Peace for the burdened, and a welcoming home for generations to come. We ask that you, through Jesus Christ Your Son, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, help us to reflect your love, your mercy, and your kindness to show that all are welcome here! Amen.


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Upcoming Events

Blessed Trinity Family Life Center - Our Most Anticipated Upcoming Event! 


Our students and staff outlined the footprint of the new Blessed Trinity Family Life Center for an aerial photo.  We are all so excited that our dream is finally becoming a reality!  We look forward to seeing all our Blessed Trinity school families on Friday, May 6, for the kickoff celebration!  RSVP is required for attendance at the kickoff celebration.




2016-2017 Registration
Blessed Trinity Catholic School is currently enrolling students for the 2016-2017 school year in Pre-Kindergarten through 7th grade. 






December 2016

2         School Spelling Bee

3         Saturday School

3         First Reconciliation @ 9:30am

5 - 9    Christmas Store

6         Eagle T-Shirt Day

7         Middle School Language Arts Mid-Term

7         Immaculate Conception Procession @ 5:30pm

8         Feast of the Immaculate Conception - 8:30am mass

8         Middle School Religion Mid-Term

8         Children's Home Society Gifts Due

9         Middle School Social Studies Mid-Term

12       Middle School Science Mid-Term

12       Eagle T-Shirt Day

13       Middle School Math Mid-Term

13       Non-Uniform Day for CHS

13       Kindergarten - Eighth Grade Christmas Program @ 7pm

14       PK Christmas Program

           Class A @ 10am

           Class B @ 1:30pm

14       Middle School Career Day

15       Eagle T-Shirt Day

15       School Advisory Board Meeting

16       PK ONLY - NO SCHOOL

16       11:30am Early Dismissal Kindergarten - Eighth


16       End of Second Quarter


Family Center

The dream of building a Family Center is coming true. To get more details, please click the link below.
English or Spanish

Help us keep growing and improving.


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